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Taipei city submits the only bid for World Design Capital 2016


NEWS: only one city has submitted a bid for World Design Capital 2016 - meaning Taipei is likely to be awarded the title.

This week the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) in Canada announced that they had received a single submission from the city of Taipei for the World Design Capital 2016 designation. Last time around there were just three contenders.

The World Design Capital selection committee said that they are not discouraged by the lack of submissions to this fifth edition and will "leverage this opportunity to focus its assessment on the viability of the application".

Taipei's application has passed the first evaluation phase. ICSID and WDC officials will conduct a two-day visit to the city to assess if it qualifies for the title, which will be announced in September. It's not yet clear what will happen if Taipei fails to qualify.

Two projects underway in Taipei include Agora Garden, a plant-covered twisting tower by Vincent Callebaut and Taipei Performing Arts Center, designed by architects OMA.

World Design Capital was established in 2008 to "focus on the broader essence of design's impact on urban spaces, economies and citizens".

Next year the city of Cape Town will become the World Design Capital 2014, following previous winners Helsinki, Seoul and Turin. The South African capital beat off competition from shortlisted rivals Bilbao and Dublin to be named World Design Capital back in 2011.

Earlier this year at the 
2013 Design Indaba conference non-profit organisation Cape Town Design launched a call for event submissions for the city's stint as World Design Capital.

Watch Taipei's bid video here:

《share from de zeen magazine》

2010 Intelligent Living Space Scenario Design Competition
     Rapid development in new technology and modern living has lead to a close integration of science & technology products with our everyday lives. According to the Industrial Technology Strategy Review Board Meeting (SRB) convened by Executive Yuan in 2005 and 2006, Taiwan’s government initiated the development strategy of “Intelligent Living Space”, which will combine the ICT industries such as electronic, electronic engineering, material, information, communication, automation & control with traditional construction industry. The Ministry of Interior, Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI) authorizes Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to conduct 2010 Intelligent living Space Design Award, which is the forth time since 2007, in order to inspire participants imagination and creativity. All participants may construct an intelligent living scenario based on the insight of present lifestyle and future development trend, which includes considerations of all the human needs in economy, safety, health, comfort, convenience, and environment. It is expected that as result some good ideas may provide references for future living technology development and may improve quality of life and competitiveness of local industry.
           Participant's works should include the following concept:
           1. Exploring human needs: With profound understanding of environment, social structure, and lifestyle
          changes, such as climate change, ageing society, participants may provide novel ideas to meet the
          intrinsicneeds for safety, healthcare, energy saving, sustainability and convenience.
           2. Applying technology: Participants may apply modern technologies in areas of information,
          communication, sensor and automatic control and the coordination of new technology with
          environment should be considered.
           3. Innovative design: Presenting the innovative ideas of a living space, new product or new service
           model for intelligent, harmonized and quality life.
3Partners & Sponsors
Advisor: Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior
Organizers: ITRI Material & Chemical Research Laboratories
 Intelligent living Spaces Industrial Association
 Partners: National Association of Architect, R.O.C
              Chinese Institute of Design
              Architectural Institute of the Republic of China
              Industrial Technology (ITRI publication)
              Center of Innovation and Synergy for Intelligent Home Technology
              Center for Technologies of Ubiquitous Computing and Humanity
For more information please check the website:
Online Registration
2010.04.15- 05.31
Please download the application form from the website: http://design.ils.org.tw/english
Participants Information Seminar
This seminar is primarily focused on the training of participants, providing design guidance and explanation of current innovative technologies.
Submit Deadline
Will confirm by E-mail after work received.
Review board will review all works.
Submit Deadline
Participants should submit final works during these dates and will be confirmed by e-mail after work received.
Review Board will review all final works
Award Ceremony
Will invite all winners to participate ceremony and present design ideas.

5Qualification and Registration Procedure
                       I.      Either individual or teamwork participants are welcomed to attend this competition.
                     II.      Counterfeiting or plagiarism is not allowed. Any participants’ work that violates this rule will be disqualified, revoked prizes and announced it in public. In the event of plagiarism, participants will be held responsible for any loss of rights and/or interests by third parties and must accept all legal liability.
                   III.      For foreign participants attendance please go to http://design.ils.org.tw/english, download the registration form, complete it and e-mail to ilscontest@ils.org.tw.
                    IV.      Participants can submit more than one works, but please complete each registration individually.
6Work Submit Rules
Phase: Participants should submit “Poster” at this stage.
1. RegulationsAgreement form: (Appendix A)
2. Poster: Please present the work on a vertical poster. (with 90 cm in length*60 cm in width) which include graphic or at most 300 words. The work label (approx 5cm*5cm, Appendix B) should be attached on the back of the poster in the lower right corner.  
Note: The participant’s name(s) is (are) not allowed to appear on front side of the poster.
3. Concept Description: To include the title, concept description, and explain how the scenario satisfies the needs of safety, healthy, comfort, convenience, saving and satiability up to 1000 words. (Appendix C)
4. CD design:(1)Concept Description should use MS Word format『.doc』
 (2)Poster should use Graphic format『.jpg』300dpi
 (3)Work original files should use format .ai』or『.psd』
PhaseParticipants should submit “Film” or “Model” at this stage.
                      I.      Short film- Video, film or animation in 5 minutes are accepted. Please sumbit『.avi』,『.wmv』or『.mpg』file with a CD copy.
                    II.      Model- The scenario concept can be presented by model within 30 cm ×30 cm×30 cm cubic size and also include 10 pictures with file format of 『.jpg』.
                  III.      Presentation film-For foreign participants, whom is unable to attend the final evaluation, please submit the presentation film.(In 15 minutes)
              I.      Procedure:
1. Phase: TheCommittee will choose 15 candidates to enter PhaseⅡ after evaluating participant’s poster and concept description.
2. Phase: TheCommittee will evaluate the participant’s short film or model through the presentation (PowerPoint/Performance etc.) in 15 minutes. Then select each winner of Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Brown Medal, 2 winners of Masterpiece, and 10 Nominees.
PS. For foreign participants, who is unable to attend the PhaseⅡevaluation, please attend by video conference or submit the presentation film in 15 minutes.
               II.    Evaluation Criterion: The appraisal criterion is divided into three main categories: creativity, feasibility and humanity concern/sustainability. Each category accounts to 1/3 of the total score.
Award Content
Gold Medal (1 )
200,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Silver Medal (1)
100,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Brown Medal (1 )
 50,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
Masterpiece (2)
 30,000 NTD +Certificate +Trophy
10,000 NTD +Certificate
PS. According local tax rules Award income will be subtracted 20% income tax

The organization will:
              I.      Hold 2010 Intelligent Living Space Scenario Design Competition Ceremony to reward all winners with fund, certificate and trophy.
            II.      Hold touring exhibition of all prized works to promote these creative ideas behind the works and the vision of Intelligent Living Space to the publics and to communicate with related industries.
          III.      Publish the collection of competition works which includes gathering award-winning works, and promotion in press, TV and website.
         IV.      Provide professional sugge stions during the work design developing process from industries and research institute.
              I.      After registration, please hand in works designs within due dates.
            II.      II. The participants should be fully responsible for preserving works in good condition during shipping and handing.
          III.      The participants and winners are highly recommended to attend the ceremony.
         IV.      The organizer reserve the right to modify the rules and regulations of the competition. Please check http://design.ils.org.tw/english for any updates or changes.
Event :Shu-Hsia Lin ( ITRI M.C .L.)
Address:Room 411, Building 77, 195, Sec. 4, Chung Hsing Rd.,Chutung, Hsinchu , Taiwan 31040, R.O.C.

Appendix A
2010 Intelligent Living Space Scenario Design Competition
Regulations Agreement Form
Participants NO.
(filled in by staff)
Name of Design
RepresentativeI                , on behalf of myself and my team members, am responsible for all communications, awards and all relevant competition matters.
Team Members            /                 /           
                             /                 /           
                             /                 /           
Contact details
Cell Phone
Agreement of Competition Rules and Regulations
I‘ve read, understood , and agreed to the following regulations
  1. Any intellectual property rights and ownership of the design remains with the participants, however the design must not be submitted to another competition event during competiton.. Competition organizers have the right to exhibit, photograph and promote the designs for nonprofit purposes. If prizewinners wish to transfer the exhibited design to a third party, prizewinners must inform organizer with a formal notification. If there is any change of ownership without notification to the competition organizers, organizers have the right to disqualify participants and demand refund of award money.
  2. Designs must be original and have not yet been published in the commercial or public domain. Any designs infringing with this rule will be disqualified and participant must refund all award money received
  3. All work must be original. No counterfeiting or plagiarism will be accepted; any participants’ work that violates this rule will be disqualified, prize revoked and circumstances announced publicly. In the event of plagiarism, participants will be held responsible for any loss of rights and/or interests by third parties and must take complete legal liability without objection.
  4. All award winners are required to complete the entire competition process, Candidates of phase I will be disqualified without continuing on to phase II. The participants and winners are obligated to attend the ceremony or should designate substitute if unable to attend. If absent without notification will be disqualified as winner.
  5. According local tax rules Award income will be subtracted 20% income tax
  6. The total selected works in phase I will be 15; however the committee reserves the right to adjust this quotas depending on quality of work received.
Participants Signature/ Seal_________________________                          All participants must sign in person
Identification Card No._____________________________                   Please write in same order as signature above
Date2010___Day __Month

Participant NO.
(filled in by staff)
Name of Design
Name of Representative
Appendix B
Poster Identification Label
(Competition label to be placed on the back, in the lower right hand corner)
 Appendix C
Concept Description
Participant NO.___________
I.          Name of Design
II.       Needs
III.   Solution
IV.    Differentiation
V.       Benefits 
Mailing Address and Package Label


2010 Intelligent living Space
Scenario Design Competition
ITRI, Material & Chemical
Research Laboratories
Room 411, Building 77, 195, Sec. 4, Chung Hsing Rd.,Chutung, Hsinchu , Taiwan 31040, R.O.C.